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Reviews matter for a reason. They are priceless, honest commentaries from consumers just like us. But sometimes a fake review makes its way into the mix. So, how do you search Amazon reviews for relevant information? This guide will teach you how to navigate like a pro.

Did you know that e-commerce is almost a $2 trillion dollar industry?

Customer reviews have the potential to influence $400 billion of that $2 trillion. That’s right – one good or bad review on Amazon has the potential to reach millions of viewers.

We have more power than we know, especially on Amazon. Over half of all shoppers check Amazon for reviews before buying a product.

Why? Because we trust our fellow man to tell us the truth.

If you want to search Amazon reviews like a pro, look no further. Although Amazon works hard to cut fake reviews, they still manage to sneak in.

Keep reading if you want to know how you can get free products sent to you for reviewing!

Spot the Fakes

Merchants know that reviews are very important. A review can make or break a business.

Many Amazon reviews are legitimate. But, merchants have thought of an inauthentic way to boost their positive reviews.

They’ll even go so far as to buy them. Some merchants will seek out positive reviews on platforms such as Facebook. Then they’ll reach out to that reviewer, offering to pay them in exchange for glowing feedback.

Some of the most common fake, paid reviews? Those are for Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and testosterone or weight-loss pills. Be sure to do your research before splurging on something you’re interested in.

How Can You Avoid Getting Scammed?

First, know the 3 different types of sellers:

  • Shipped and sold by third-party
  • Sold by third-party and shipped by Amazon
  • Shipped and sold by Amazon

If it’s not coming from Amazon, do a thorough search of the retailer.

Next, scour the reviews like a skeptic.

Are there a bunch of reviews that came at the same time? Do they use very similar, or even the exact same, language? Is the product boasting 5-star after 5-star review?

Then proceed with caution.

Be wary of extra-long shipping times. After all, Amazon is famous for its one- and two-day shipping policy. Anything that extends into one or two weeks should raise a red flag.

Does the deal sound too good to be true? Then assume it is.

If you’re still nervous, trying using a site like Fakespot to aid you in your shopping. Drop a link into Fakespot’s site and it’ll give you a score on the fake scale.

Before You Buy, Search Amazon Reviews

You wouldn’t be the first person to stand next to a product in the store while researching that item on your phone.

Thinking about buying something somewhere else online like at Target or Walmart? Many will see if Amazon sells it cheaper first. Reviews are the ultimate platform for figuring out what your money’s worth.

Most Americans are skeptical when it comes to spending our money. And that’s a good thing. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks or seems suspicious because fakes do exist.

Amazon review fraud thwarts the efforts of Amazon to shut it down. That means the fakes are getting better at their job. So we need to get better at reading the signs.

In general, products with a high volume of reviews, like over 100 generally, are harder to manipulate and are more reliable to get buyer’s overall honest views of it, to give you enough confidence to buy on Amazon.