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Amazon shopping sprees are fun until purchases start arriving a month late in beat-up boxes. Savvy online shoppers have more than prices to be aware of on the Internet’s biggest online retailer.

Third-party sellers may make their products look genuine and safe when in reality they’re busted and worn; product images can be untrustworthy.

Reviewers may leave positive reviews after being influenced by sellers – including verified reviewers. A product’s rating may be a bad reflection of its quality.

Knowing how to buy on Amazon safely can be a challenge, but here are some tips to have the most fun on your next shopping spree.

Read More than The First Review

Amazon is trying to stop fake reviews on their platform, but they are not perfect.

Fake reviews can slip through the cracks, but luckily they are usually easy to spot.

Look for reviews with pictures and reviews that someone put effort into. A short blurb may not say much about a product, but a multi-paragraph essay about it may tell you all you need to know.

Know How to Buy on Amazon

Amazon patented a feature for their website in 1999 to order items with one click, which expired recently.

This meant users did not need to view their cart before checking out – instead they could pay for items with a single tap. Other retailers have since added it to their website.

The ‘one-click order’ button is usually right below the ‘add to cart’ button. Be careful which one you click.

If you want one item, it may be easier to go through one-click. It may be more familiar to checkout by adding things to your cart though, and you will be able to see how much you will pay before checking out.

Watch Out for Scams

Many third-party sellers like to make themselves seem like cheaper alternatives for other items.

What these sellers don’t say is that their items may be of a lesser quality, or that they may come from outside of the U.S. and so it may take months to ship an item.

Shipping Can be Pricy

For $12 per month, Amazon users can enroll in their Amazon Prime program. While this program is most revered for its two-day free shipping, it also grants access to a library of movies, tv shows, and music.

The company is also experimenting with a two-hour shipping program in major cities.

For people without it though, they should factor in shipping costs. While five-to-eight-day shipping is usually free, quicker methods can end up costing at least $12 per item.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Amazon Prime also gives subscribers access to Prime Day, a day of sales throughout most of Amazon.

However, the company runs sales for regular users daily and features them on the company’s ‘Today’s Deals’ page.

Sometimes these deals can include pricey items like graphics cardssmartwatches, or other high-end goods.


Knowing how to buy on Amazon can be a valuable skill for any savvy shopper – buying on Amazon can be intimidating for people who may not do it often.

Amazon sells almost everything anyone could imagine, which makes it a powerful tool for shoppers. Check out Amazon.