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DulcoEase pink softgel stool softener for women.STIMULANT Free LAXATIVE: DulcoEase liquid gel capsules supply cozy, stimulant-cost-free relief from constipation by softening unpleasant, dry, hard stools so it is easier to use the toilet. DulcoEase is a stool softener & does not promote the bowel.
CONSTIPATION Reduction: Constipation is triggered by many points, including very low fiber meal plans, dehydration, being pregnant, treatment, worry, or aging. Dulcolax & DucloEase are suited for aid in most circumstances, but normally discuss well being problems with your health care provider.
DULCOLAX Brings Gentle Reduction: With a line of DulcoEase stool softeners, Ducolax laxative tablets, & Ducolax laxative suppositories & applicators, Dulcolax delivers you light, trusted relief from constipation, challenging dry stools, & irregular bowel actions.
A Perfectly ROUNDED Drugs Cabinet: When you or a relatives member is in suffering, sick, damage, or just normally emotion less than the weather conditions, you don’t want to operate to the pharmacy. A very well stocked dwelling medication cupboard helps make certain aid is at hand when you require it.
Review TO OTHER STOOL SOFTENERS: Assess to solutions from brand names like MiraLAX, Metamucil, Grandma’s Herbs, ex-lax, Senna Moreover, Swiss Kriss, Equate, Phillips, Dr. Tobias Colon, Sunmark, Senna-Time, Fleet, Fletchers, Puritain’s Delight, Colace, & Bisacodyl.