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According to recent industry figures, is the largest online retailer with a whopping $178 billion in sales in just 2017. Although you are already getting a great deal purchasing with your Amazon account, there are some secrets on how to save money on Amazon that you probably did not know.

Since Amazon opened it’s (online) doors in 2014, they have exponentially grown with what products they sell, as well as the unique features they now offer. This includes a gift registry, shipping options, and special discounts.

The problem is, these discounts are not always easy to find, and you may have to manipulate the system to save money.

So, how exactly do we find these not so obvious discounts, without having to give away our information or sign up for some credit cards we will never use?

That is exactly what this article is about, keep reading to learn how to save money on Amazon, so you can buy more products, of course!

1. Sign up for Monthly Subscriptions

If you purchase the same items on a regular basis, then sign up for Amazon’s “subscribe and save” monthly subscription program. You automatically receive 15% off the products that you buy repetitively.

You must have at least five subscriptions for this to work, and considering you can purchase anything from cleaning products to eye-drops, it is definitely easy to have at least 5 subscriptions. You can also receive free shipping, bonus!

2. Mom and Family Friendly Deals

No need go to a store to purchase diapers when you can sign up for “Amazon mom”! This incredible service is available to Prime subscribers, which includes 2-day shipping and 20% off items such as diapers, wipes, and other baby products.

This service also offers 15% discount on baby registry completion, a win-win for new mothers!

3. Unlimited eBooks For the Book Worms

Amazon has a difference eBook sale every single day, sometimes you can purchase a book for as little as 99 cents. If you are a serious bookworm, try subscribing to Kindle unlimited, which is only $9.99 per month, which allows you unlimited downloads of digital recordings and E-books.

4. Become an Online Coupon Clipper!

We all love that magic word, “coupon”, don’t we? With Amazon, there are always coupons to use, you just have to learn where to find them! Thanks to many coupon websites, you can now find coupons for groceries, household items, vitamins and more!

Just click the “clip coupon” button, add it to your cart, and voila! More money in your bank account.

5. No Rush Equals More Shopping Credits

If you are not in a hurry to receive your products, you can save big money on future purchases by choosing no-rush shipping. Instead of the free 2-day shipping, you will receive complimentary credits to use for any future purchases.

Now That You Know How to Save Money on Amazon, It Is Time to Get Shopping!

With these 5 secret tips on how to save money on Amazon, you are well on your way to saving more money, which also means that you can shop for more products!

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Happy shopping!