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Last year $177.9bn was spent on Amazon. That is a lot of items. What you should know is that there are some Amazon secret ways that good bargain hunters can reduce the amount they spend when buying on Amazon, so they can stretch their dollar to buy more 🙂

Amazon warehouse deals allow you to buy returned Amazon items at large discounts. Read on for our 5 reasons why every good bargain hunter loves Amazon Warehouse deals.

1. Save Money

Open box items are normally priced below their ‘brand new’ counterparts, and Amazon warehouse deals are no exception.

Items are always below the main price on Amazon. Prices change based on the reason each item is listed, and can even be different on multiple of the same item. It isn’t unusual to see prices reduced by up to 70%.

2. Buy with Confidence

Every item in the warehouse has been checked by Amazon and confirmed to be in good working order.

All items are then given a grade, ranging from Acceptable to New. For even more peace of mind, Amazon provides a brief description of the exact condition of the item.

You will normally finder larger discounts on items the further they are from the ‘New’ category. Make sure to read the descriptions of exact faults – some issues may be irrelevant, allowing you to get a huge bargain.

3. The Amazon Website

You navigate Amazon Warehouse Deals in the same way as you do the main Amazon site. This means that all of your normal Amazon deal finder tips work with warehouse deals.

Be aware that as Amazon warehouse sells open-box items, once stock is purchased it is gone – there is no guarantee that another item will be returned. If you see a good deal, act fast before it is too late.

4. Keep Your Prime Benefits

Every item sold through the Amazon Warehouse is held and shipped by Amazon directly, which means you can benefit from Amazon Prime.

This allows you to receive every item as soon as the very next day for zero extra cost. This is far better than you can normally get from an open-box product. You may even get enhanced tracking when your item out for delivery.

5. Easy Returns

Even though Amazon Warehouse deals allow you to make well-informed purchasing decisions, sometimes you might want to send an item back.

As open box items from Amazon Warehouse are supplied directly by Amazon, you don’t need to worry about a difficult returns policy.

Amazon is famous for their easy returns, so being able to make use of this with open box deals is a huge bonus.

Finding the Best Amazon Warehouse Deals

As you can see, you can’t consider yourself a true bargain hunter unless you make the most of Amazon Warehouse deals.

You can make substantial saving without having to gamble on the quality of the item, nor deal with slow delivery or a difficult returns process.

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