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Consider this the ultimate guide to finding deals on Amazon! Did you know that there are tricks and tips to locating awesome discounts? If you want to be an expert Amazon deal finder, look no further.

Prime Day comes but once a year…

…But did you know you can get primo deals on Amazon year-round?

We know you see “Deal of the Day,” and we know you get the e-mails.

But a few little hacks will help you be a better Amazon Deal Finder.

We’ve got a few easy ways for you to find awesome discounts.

Put these tricks up your sleeve!

1. Don’t Pass on Prime

If you don’t have a Prime membership, get thee to Amazon!

While the monthly fee of about $15 may seem steep, if you know how to search Amazon deals and avail yourself of the included two-day shipping, you can easily make the fee the cheapest part of your month.

For busy parents and city dwellers, Amazon Prime is usually lauded as a God-send. Be one of the people who never shop at brick and mortar stores. Your Amazon brand loyalty will be rewarded with savings passed on to you.

Not to mention you can enroll in Amazon Reads, a program with access to thousands of free books and magazines. It’s only for Prime Members.

You’ll also enjoy 20% off of video games and new releases.

Time to make your monthly fee work for you!

2. Amazon Deal Finder in Your Browser

It’s not super easy to search Amazon deals, but if you’re willing to learn a little bit of code, the deals will find you!

When you search for an item — say “DVD players,” for instance — perform your regular search with a twist.

Once the page has loaded, you’ll see Amazon best sellers, and customer reviewed picks.

Place your mouse on the web address bar in your Internet browser, and type in the terms

  • &pct-off=50-
  • &pct-off=50-70
  • &pct-off=75-

This takes a little manipulation of the URL, but Amazon discount finder that will show you items that are on sale.

3. Buying Guide & Amazon Price Mistake Finder Sites

There are tons of websites devoted to showcasing Amazon price glitch finders and the best deals out there on the online giant. Three of our favorites are:

Price glitches are real, and you can take advantage of them. Becoming an Amazon deal finder can be just that simple – and fun!

4. Get Price Protected

If you’re a smart shopper (like we know you are!), you know how to find deals on Amazon. Using your hacks and savvy, you’ll find the best deals and strike while the iron is hot.

But if you purchase something from Amazon and then realize within seven days that the price has dropped, you can (and should!) request that lower price. It’s Amazon’s official policy to give it to you.

Usually, this means store credit on your account or a gift card.

Final Thoughts

As a pro Amazon deal finder, we want to help you in your pursuit of low prices for quality items. We give you the broadest buying advice on the web — showcase deals, have tips, and publish helpful article guides like this! Check out our blog for the best deals and discounts!