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1 Pound, Nyjer Thistle Bird Seed
~ This is our favored smaller chicken seed. Nyjer seed resembles smaller grains of wild rice and is really attractive by many finches for its substantial fats and protein information.
Nyjer has an additional name, thistle, which occasionally alarms persons. Numerous people today think they will be increasing thistle weeds in their yard if they provide this seed.
On the opposite, nyjer is not a thistle at all. It really is the seed of the nyjer plant native to Ethiopia.
Nyjer seed marketed as birdseed is heated to reduce it from germinating. Nyjer seed is very tiny and expensive, and ought to be offered in exclusive thistle feeders. Goldfinches, home finches, purple finches, towhees, pine siskins, juncos, mourning doves and a lot of sparrows gobble up thistle seed introduced at yard feeding stations.